Our Employee Owners

CWC is 100% employee owned, so all of your team members have a vested interest to make every project a great success.

Our Principals and Your Executive Sponsors

  • Kyle Ryan

    Kyle Ryan CWC Principal LinkedIn

    Kyle joined CWC with nearly 15 years of office furniture industry experience. He became a partner at CWC in January 2015. Prior to joining CWC, Kyle was the Vice President of Sales for Global USA. He also spent five years as Market President at Alfred Williams & Company (a fellow Certified Herman Miller Dealer) in both Nashville and Charlotte. Kyle has led high-performing, customer-focused teams for more than 10 years.

  • Scott Marshall

    Scott Marshall CWC Principal LinkedIn

    Scott joined CWC in 1987 as an Account Executive and helped secure key accounts such as UPS, Equifax, and Waffle House Corporate Offices. In 1996, Scott became Vice President of Sales and in 2000 he was part of the management team that purchased CWC. Under Scott’s leadership, CWC was named one of Atlanta’s top three furniture dealers by the Atlanta Business Chronicle for 15 consecutive years. As a Principal of CWC, Scott is committed to ensuring 24/7 availability to clients.

  • Hal Brandon

    Hal Brandon CWC Principals LinkedIn

    Hal, a graduate of the University of Georgia, has been with CWC since 1983. He has sold more than $25 million in contract office furniture. He is known for establishing honest and real expectations and following through to ensure those expectations are met. As a Principal, Hal’s responsibilities include the Customer Care Department and CWC Regional Offices outside of Atlanta. For this reason, Hal is very sensitive to the Customer Experience and ensures that CWC consistently provides unparalleled service.

  • Dave Randolph

    Dave Randolph CWC Principal LinkedIn

    Since joining CWC in 1997, Dave has assisted with acquisitions in the office products industry as part of the strategic growth plan of CWC’s former parent company, US Office Products. In October of 2000, he was a member of the management team that completed a leveraged management buyout of CWC, LLC from US Office Products.

CWC Vice Presidents

  • Bill Thomas

    Bill Thomas VP of Operations

  • Tamara Jenkins

    Tamara Jenkins VP of Sales LinkedIn

  • Tony Nelson

    Tony Nelson VP of Workplace LinkedIn

CWC Managers

  • Mimi Amatruda

    Mimi Amatruda Human Resource Manager LinkedIn

  • Bart Roberts

    Bart Roberts Business Solutions General Manager LinkedIn

  • Chris Chaney

    Chris Chaney Director of IT

  • Deidra White

    Deidra White Sales Support Manager

  • Jeffrey Jones

    Jeffrey Jones Client Services Manager LinkedIn

  • Kathy Groves

    Kathy Groves Director of Marketing LinkedIn

  • Loretta Seachrest

    Loretta Seachrest Accounting Manager LinkedIn

  • Reed Wolter

    Reed Wolter Director of East Tennessee Operations LinkedIn

  • Ridgely Standard

    Ridgely Standard Project Management Manager

  • Terry Anderman

    Terry Anderman Director of Acoustic Interior Solutions LinkedIn

  • Vanessa Mitchell

    Vanessa Mitchell Director of Design LinkedIn

Business Development

  • Jamie Walker

    Jamie Walker A&D Market Manager LinkedIn

  • Lauren Green

    Lauren Green Director of Business Development LinkedIn

  • Scottie Thrash

    Scottie Thrash CRE | A&D Business Development Manager & Ancillary Specialist LinkedIn

Sales Team

  • Bailey Rose

    Bailey Rose Account Executive

  • Betty Stappler

    Betty Stappler Account Executive LinkedIn

  • Bill Miller

    Bill Miller Account Executive LinkedIn

  • Billy Brandon

    Billy Brandon Account Executive LinkedIn

  • Carmen Moore

    Carmen Moore Account Executive LinkedIn

  • Cliff Olmstead

    Cliff Olmstead Account Executive LinkedIn

  • David Cantwell

    David Cantwell Account Executive LinkedIn

  • Hamil Watson

    Hamil Watson Account Executive LinkedIn

  • Holland Hamilton

    Holland Hamilton Account Executive LinkedIn

  • Jack Esmonde

    Jack Esmonde Account Executive LinkedIn

  • John Conners

    John Conners Account Executive LinkedIn

  • John Mannino

    John Mannino Account Executive LinkedIn

  • John Pidgeon

    John Pidgeon Account Executive LinkedIn

  • Karen Howard

    Karen Howard Account Executive LinkedIn

  • Kevil Magill

    Kevil Magill Account Executive LinkedIn

  • Kristen Diamond

    Kristen Diamond Senior Account Executive - Workplace LinkedIn

  • Monica Canton

    Monica Canton Account Executive LinkedIn

  • Nick McCurdy

    Nick McCurdy Account Executive LinkedIn

  • Ryan Zabroske

    Ryan Zabroske Account Executive LinkedIn

  • Scott Stevens

    Scott Stevens Account Executive LinkedIn

  • Susan Denham

    Susan Denham Account Executive LinkedIn

  • Tom Ramsey

    Tom Ramsey Account Executive LinkedIn

  • Valerie Gillis

    Valerie Gillis Account Executive LinkedIn